Site FAQ

1. Do I need permission to reproduce media material on this site?

You may copy and reprint any media material from this site as long as you adhere to these stipulations:

  • Articles must be copied in there entirety without editing.
  • They must be for personal use only and never to be sold for a price.
  • Proper acknowledgement must be given to the Victory Temple and its authors.
  • No copy or reprint is to be placed in any electronic form on any other website.

2. May I post articles or content from Victory Temple on my website?

No! Neither any Victory Temple or any of Pastor Turnage’s messages or any articles on this website may be posted in any electronic form on any other website. However you are welcome to provide a link on your website to ours.

3. I am interested in attending Victory Temple. Where can I get information about service times and events?

If you are looking for a church home, we welcome you to come visit us and witness for yourself the life of God in the Word preached, in our worship and in prayer. You can view our service schedule, our mission statement, or meet our staff. You can also call us at (409) 842–3954 or email us at

4. I would like to give to the Ministry of Victory Temple. How can I give to this Ministry work?

As with all ministry work, we are supported by those who are led to give. If you feel the Lord has led you to give in support to this ministry, you can send your support to
Victory Temple • 2630 South 11th Street • Beaumont, TX 77701.  A receipt will be mailed to you.

5. Will someone at Victory Temple pray with me for my spiritual needs as well as physical needs?

Every morning, between the hours of 5:00 and 8:00 am, there are godly men and women who cry out to God on behalf of multitudes who have entrusted Victory Temple for prayer. If you have special prayer needs, spoken or unspoken, you can contact us by at (409) 842–3954.

6. What are the doctrinal beliefs of Victory Temple?

For a complete answer to this question, please read our mission statement and what we believe.

7. What is the relationship between Victory Temple in Beaumont, Texas and the School of Christ International?

B. H. Clendennen founded and pastored Victory Temple for thirty-five years. The church furnishes offices for the School of Christ International and is a contributor to its Ministry.